ED Share at UMSL’s ED Collabitat

There is so much work to do in education. So many opinions on who should fix it and how. So many who are anxious to not only talk about the issues, but to move into action and get them resolved.

One of our recent panelists at the ED Share Event hosted by UMSL’S ED Collabitat said, “let’s stop admiring the education opportunity gap and move into action to fix it”. Another urged us to “choose the thing that we are willing to die on a hill for and fight for that”.

Both of these statements resonate with me.

We all have an opportunity to work towards fixing this issue. We all have a responsibility to the students in this country who are not afforded the education and opportunity that their affluent peers are able to benefit from.

So what hill will you chose to die on? Will you vote, advocate, be an ally on social justice and education reform issues, teach, tutor, volunteer or donate? The list doesn’t end there.

How will you join this conversation and do your part to #closethegap? OUR kids need YOU.

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