This is My Work

I’ve been reflecting lately. A lot lately. As my time is taken more and more by coffees, conversations, meetings, trainings and the like, I have felt the need to reevaluate and reflect. What am I doing in my life where I really don’t even have the time to get sick.?(No seriously, a week ago I felt myself getting sick, reviewed my schedule for the next week and decided I didn’t have time for it.)

What is so important that I spend precious time away from my husband and children? That I answer the call even though I want to stay home, rest and recuperate. With each question posed in reflection, each question I posed to myself, I came back to the same response. This is my work.

The work that has been calling me since I was a young girl in middle school. The work that has caused me to see injustice whenever it takes place and won’t allow me to turn a blind eye. The work that I have picked up wholeheartedly with intense intention since August 9th 2014. This work. This work is why. This is my work.

In writing this, if you haven’t already, I encourage you to find your work. What’s your why? What calls you? As the saying goes, (and what I’ve found to be true) if you answer, you won’t work a day in your life.

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