ExpandED Equity for
Your School + Organization

ExpandED Equity offers workshops, training and professional development in:

  • Organizational equity strategy
  • Education equity strategy
  • Culturally responsive teaching + pedagogy
  • Educational leadership development
  • STE(A)M Education with a culturally responsive lens
  • Novel engineering training for educators, schools and community groups

Workshops, Training &
Professional Development

ExpandED Equity offers professional development workshops, organizational equity consulting and cultural competency training for schools, churches, businesses and community organizations both locally and nationally.


ExpandED Equity ED Chat Dinner

ExpandED Equity Collaborative meets quarterly in partnership with community organizations and schools for solution-based discussion, action planning and resource support in efforts to close the education opportunity gap. Dinner is provided.


Novel Engineering Workshops for Educators and Community Groups

An integrated approach to teaching Engineering and Literacy inspired by kids and grounded in research, Novel Engineering is an innovative approach to integrate engineering and literacy in elementary and middle school. Students use existing classroom literature - stories, novels, and expository texts - as the basis for engineering design challenges that help them identify problems, design realistic solutions, and engage in the Engineering Design Process while reinforcing their literacy skills.

Community Resources